Portofino Coal-Fired Pizza - Homestead, FL



Portofino Coal Fired Pizza’s prototype restaurant located in Homestead, FL.


Originating from a visit to Portofino Italy 20 years prior, the owners desired an Italian inspired restaurant/bar where everyone including family and friends were welcome; a place where you could bring your kids for a great slice of authentic coal-fired pizza along with incorporating a friendly neighborhood bar.


We created Portofino as a contemporary mix of an Italian/American-style family restaurant with a modern world flare. The rich colors and finishes are a throwback to traditional Italian culture. The flickering gas lamps and copper colors accentuate the Italian-themed artwork on the walls. Portofino’s coal-fired ovens are encased in a modern stone design, creating inviting focal points for this restaurant. We used granite countertops and other modern durable materials to give a fresh, contemporary feel to the traditional Italian décor.

What we enjoyed the most

Monica: ... creating a harmonious diversity of finishes like the wood porcelain floors against fiery-red wallcovering. Old-world stone accent walls and gas lamps with modern track lighting. A seamless merging of timeless beauty and modernism.

Tracy: I loved seeing the stone walls go up around the coal-fired ovens. I was amazed at the immediate warmth and welcoming feel it brought to the space.