Matthews Marine A/C

Business Makeover


A comprehensive Business Makeover in every aspect of the phrase “From your Books to your Looks!”


Financially reevaluate, reinvent and rejuvenate the company.


Books: This Business Makeover was extremely detailed oriented. inBusiness peered into every corner of MMAC’s books to find more than 25% savings in company overhead and expenses. We used connections in the insurance industry offering superior policies for a substantial savings. Top priority was devoted to creating a policy and procedure manual. Updated employee job descriptions, engaging employees to work as a team and thereby increasing productivity.
Marketing: In Business created a modern logo for their new marine marketing goals. We brought a fresh-face to an outdated website. Cleaning up the pages to look professional and personal, was a first in their industry and from a maintenance standpoint, the website became easily updateable by company staff.
Looks: The feel of the original office was more like a service garage than of a professional builder of custom-designed yacht chillers. Introducing monochrome colors allowed the service technicians to still feel comfortable yet give the space a polished modern look. Organizational elements streamlined the office and gave it an overall less-cluttered appearance. The exterior was unnoticeable in a row of marine warehouses. inBusiness used landscaping elements to create curbside attention resulting in a softer more welcoming feel from the street. The owner brought in outdoor furniture for the employee patio area to increase employee socialization; after all, happy employees = happy business.

What we enjoyed the most

Monica: Selecting the new color palette which transformed the atmosphere from a "cold office" into a warm workplace.

Tracy: We were able to save the company a rather large sum in potential IRS penalties and interest. This allowed the company to breathe a HUGE sigh of relief and move forward with their future business goals.

before and after