Tracy Sassi

“In life and in business I believe there are several different approaches. You need a Plan A, a Plan B and when all else fails; you need a passport and a bathing suit.”

Tracy started off her career in the Florida Keys working for the only bank in town. There she quickly learned a lifetime of punching a time clock was not her future. She then continued down the road her father first paved, Construction; and in 20 years’ time she was managing multi-million dollar projects, owning a four star Italian restaurant and sailing across the Atlantic (the first two simultaneously). Tracy knows organization and first-rate management are like the masts of any sailboat ~ without them you are lost at sea.

Ms. Sassi has worked with the likes of AT&T Wireless, Hampton Inn & Suites, Courtyard by Marriott, TGI Friday’s, CrêpeMaker, Portofino Coal Fired Pizza, AutoZone, Beauty Schools of America and the U.S. Census Bureau.

Tracy is also a passionate foodie and loves to talk in a fake Italian accent..."Madonna Mia!"

Monica Estevez

“I’m a Design Ninja.”
“No you’re not”
“Did you see me do that?”
“Do what?”

Monica is an Interior Designer, who in 1996 emigrated from Venezuela to Jacksonville, Florida when she was of college age. This was no small feat as this pint-sized firecracker did not speak a word of English. Four years later and without one cent owing in student loans she successfully graduated from Florida State University with a BA of Science in Interior Design. Some of her college accolades include awards for Excellence in 3-D Design, Outstanding Contribution to the State of Florida for the R.A. Grant Building Design Project and first place for Best Space Planning and Floor Plans.

Along her professional career path she has walked the walk and talked the talk from urban design, residential and commercial architecture to graphic design and of course her absolute love of… Interior Design.

Don’t let her size fool you, she REALLY IS a Design Ninja.