Design for Small Business

There’s a feeling... a mood that comes with great interior design.

When it’s done just right, an interior space creates an impression that lasts a lifetime. But great design isn’t exclusive to the “senses”, it’s also VITAL for improving your business on so many levels.

First — good interior design benefits your business’ bottom line: from more productive employees, to improved business workflow to just plain happier people.

inBusiness Consulting designs around your everyday business needs — so that you’ll have a more efficient and organized office. Your employees will feel connected to their individual spaces, spending less time searching and more time performing. In addition to boosting employee morale you will be able to bring your clients into an attractive working environment that reflects your business uniqueness and its distinctive style.

Just a few of our Services

  • Space Planning
  • Interior Design and Re-design
  • Furniture Purchasing
  • Specifications
  • Custom Furniture Design
“DESIGN is not what it looks like and feels like. DESIGN is how it works.” ~ Steve Jobs