Business Makeovers

Long-term Success, More Money and Less Stress

These are just a few of the amazing benefits that come from our Business Makeovers. inBusiness Consulting assess your business needs in a very short period to help your business earn more money, save more time, snap up more clients and stand out from the crowd.

Most of our clients are super-busy and passionately-driven small business owners who struggle with time management, organization and financial stability. Coincidentally many of these businesses also lack an office that represents a professional atmosphere or their own interior design style.

What does interior design have to do with your company’s profits? Office interiors affect how productive employees/owners are which point to a direct relationship between office design, productivity and your business’ bottom dollar. This is why our Business Makeover model incorporates a balanced approach for your business….From your BOOKS….to your LOOKS! Together we roll-up our sleeves and develop a roadmap that allows your business to become more cost-efficient, streamlined and professionally designed.

So, what goes into a Business Makeover?

It can be as simple as a financial audit, a much needed office facelift or as in-depth as becoming digitally organized. Perhaps your business needs new policies and procedures or an entire new brand. inBusiness Consulting learns about your business, discovers the "solvable opportunities" and gives you a clear vision for your business' future.

What you can expect from a Business Makeover:

  • A confidential review of your business finances and methods
    ...don't worry, your secrets are safe with us!
  • Insightful revenue-generating ideas to put into practice immediately
  • Overview of your business management practices
  • Organizational outline for your business to work more effectively
  • Physical assessment of your office space
  • Functional well-designed office plan
  • Branding and marketing plan
  • A successful workplace, smiling employees and a less-stressed you!

Are you ready to have your business demystified? The possibility of increased revenue? A dream working environment? A little more time in your personal life?